Book Review: Evangelism by Mack Stiles

Mack Stiles lives in Dubai and is CEO of an IT company. He's also an evangelist and has written several books on the subject. When it comes to evangelism, he has a lot of ethos-- just listen to this.

What makes Stiles' latest book unique is that its aim is to encourage churches to develop a culture of evangelism-- a goal that Treasuring Christ Church shares and the reason we handed it out at our last fellowship gathering.

Here's a few quotes I highlighted as I read through the book:

Defining evangelism:

Evangelism is teaching the gospel with the aim to persuade (p. 26).

On "teaching the gospel":

Jesus’s first act of compassion was to teach (p. 30).

[R]emember that the gospel must be taught before someone can become a Christian. When I have led people to Christ over the years, it has usually been because a non-Christian was willing to study the Scriptures with me (p. 31).

On the fear of evangelism and a remedy:

[I]f you ask most normal people what hinders their evangelism, the vast majority will tell you it’s fear (p. 42.)

So why do something scary and difficult by yourself? Believers, band together! Evangelize with believing friends who will pull you along (p. 42)

On the elements of the gospel:

The gospel message answers four big questions: Who is God? Why are we in such a mess? What did Christ do? And how can we get back to God?  (p. 33).

On moms:

[M]oms lead more people to Jesus than do programs (p. 46).

On community evangelism vs. programs:

[U]sually when we think of evangelism in community, we think of evangelistic programs, which is not the same (p. 43).

On whole church evangelism:

[W]hen you bring your friend from the community into church, everyone is ‘on game’: you are all reaching out. That’s a culture of evangelism. It’s not just about being friendly, though that needs to happen, but having a deep awareness that we are in this together. In a healthy church, visitors see the gospel present in all we do (p. 66)

On personal evangelism:

[T]hree areas in which we need to check ourselves in evangelism: Are we motivated? Are we equipped? Are we available? (p. 84)

This is a short, easy to read book and one I highly recommend.