Now More Than Ever - A Statement from Pastor Boyd on the Supreme Court's Ruling

A statement from Pastor Boyd in light of the Supreme Court's ruling:

Today, we woke up to an America that would be radically different before noon. As you know, the Supreme Court ruled that so-called same-sex marriage is legal throughout the U.S.

If ever there was a time for the church to speak on what the Scriptures teach about homosexuality, it's now. God has spoken clearly about the sin of homosexuality and the effects of that sin. And, more importantly, God has spoken clearly about our only hope of rescue from the wrath to come.

Several weeks ago, I preached two messages at TCC to prepare the church to think biblically about homosexuality and our changing culture. One sermon focused on how to live for Christ in a world that is increasingly hostile to our faith. The second sermon was on Romans 1 and tackled head-on the idolatry of homosexuality.

This Sunday, we'll once again take up the issue of homosexuality with a third sermon to help the church think biblically in light of our new America.

In the days ahead, staying silent won't do. Neither will anger or hatred. Churches must abandon entertainment-driven approaches to ministry and sermons marked more by clever stories and props than the clear explanation of Scripture.

Instead, it will be critical for Christians and churches to stand boldly for the truth of God's Word and to have compassion on sinners. In short, it will be critical for us to live more like Christ and for our churches to model biblical teaching rather than cultural relevance.

Perhaps there's never been a more important time in U.S. history to multiply Christ-centered, Scripture-saturated churches in college towns, where the lives of so many students are set on new trajectories-- either towards Christ or away from Him.

Jesus Christ and His gospel are the center of everything we do at Treasuring Christ Church. If you're looking for a church home-- whether you're in college or many years beyond college-- we'd love to have you join us. We are a multi-generational church whose mission is to spread a passion for the fame of Christ's name in Athens and around the world.

As we consider the days ahead, let's continue to look to our unchanging God who still reigns on His throne even as our culture changes around us.