Updated Inclement Weather Policy

Our preference is to wait as long as possible to see what the actual situation is rather than rely upon news station reports that might present the worst-case scenario.

We will decide whether to cancel our Sunday morning services by 8:30 a.m. on that morning.

Cancellation notifications will be posted on our website.

Since many who attend TCC come from a long distance, please use your discretion about your own local conditions as to whether it is best for you to come or not. We realize that just because conditions are fine in Athens, they may not be safe where you are.

Beginning March 1st, TCC's new home on Sundays

As we've searched for a long-term home for Treasuring Christ Church's Sunday morning services, we've always prayed that we would find a place as close to UGA's campus as possible, since we want to have a significant influence and presence there over time.

Recently, the Lord answered our prayers. . . and you can't get closer to campus than on campus!

We are excited to announce that, beginning March 1st, Treasuring Christ Church's new home on Sunday mornings will be the UGA Hotel and Conference Center. The UGA Hotel is across from Stegeman Coliseum. Plenty of free parking is available adjacent to the hotel in Lot S10.